Saturday, October 26, 2013

Canning: every broken jar is a resource

Vats of boiling water
Oh no
Not another one!
Peaches float about
I don't know what to do
Why this keeps happening
I've tried everything
I'm tired
I want to stop

And then I realize that I could.
The only thing holding me
To this task of canning peaches
Is my own self will
My heart-desire to re-skill
My deep knowing that this is ever so important

Patience befalls as my body eases into this wisdom
I need not succumb to discouragement
I need not get angry at broken jars
For they are not failures at all
But precious, precious resources
In my learning journey

With each one is filed away
In my memory and my body
What to do when this happens
What happens when I do this
Now I have that knowledge
Now I have this skill
That I will build
In canning seasons yet to come

And it is part of the shift
Already it makes a difference
Like all those other resources
Edges I am living.

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